Monday, April 8, 2013


I just got home from our transfer. Everything went smoothly, and luckily I knew what to expect from my friends who have already been through this. They transfered 1 embryo - an "excellent" expanding blast. We also have 2 "good" blasocysts that they are freezing today and 4 others that they will continue to culture till tomorrow and freeze them if they can *grow little embryos grow!*. We have cute pictures of all of them :)

I listened to circle + bloom before the procedure, which was very relaxing, and in a few minutes I am going to go get a massage. After the transfer K and I got to hang out in the room for 10 minutes and it was nice. We were laughing and debating which of our characteristics our children will have. Then I stopped at the co-op on my way home to pick us up a piece of coconut cake to celebrate. It is 75 degrees here today - beautiful and sunny. I can't imagine a more perfect day then today: eating coconut cake with K in the sun with a little embryo getting comfy in my uterus :)

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  1. this is such great news! I am so happy that you had a perfect expanding blast!!!! and two more to freeze for sure is great news!! so excited for you!