Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Frozen Embryos

After a dissapointing morning at work, were a physician told me that he was "against ART because if a woman can't get pregnant the universe is probably telling her something" and how he is "upset that RE's think they help people" (If only I were brave enough to respond to his comments, but I still had to work with him for several hours, and I'm not witty, so I just kept quite and gave him a look), things took a turn when I got a call from my Dr's office. They were able to freeze 2 more blastocysts! So now we have 4 frozen embryos. I know I was a little down that we only had 7 eggs fertilize but I am soo soo happy that 5 made it to blastocysts and were a high enough quality to freeze/transfer. It makes me hopeful that they are a good batch :)

I started feeling nauseous, having some lower abdominal pain and bloating, and just feeling sort of blah yesterday. Is it normal to feel this way after the ER/ET/all the hormones? I know these could be signs of early/mild OHSS so I am trying to rest and drink a lot of gatorade, but then I also wonder if it's just the cummulative effect of all the estrogen and progesterone I am taking. I haven't decided if I should call my clinic. I haven't gained any weight, which I know is the main sign of OHSS.

Last night I gave myself my first PIO shot by myself! K got stuck at work and wasn't going to get home in time so I sucked it up and did it. It didn't hurt, but when I pulled the needle out a little stream of blood started dripping down my hip/butt. On closer inspection afterwards I realized I had injected the PIO fairly close to a site where K had injected some over the last week. I don't know if that contributed to the bleeding or if I just nicked a capillary on the way in or out, but the bleeding was the only notable difference from when K does it. I might have to give it to myself again tonight, because my Resolve group meets tonight and my injection time is during our meeting. Unless, of course, I find a lucky friend who wants to do it for me :)

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