Thursday, April 11, 2013

Break Down

I just had my first official IVF break down.

I got a letter in the mail today summarizing our embryo results. It says that they froze 2 blastocysts and discarded 4, which is very different from what I was told. 2 were ready to freeze right after transfer, and the other 4 continued to be cultured overnight, and the next day they told me they froze 2 more. I even relistened to the message I got the day after transfer and it clearly says "Good news! We were able to freeze 2 more blastocysts from the embryos we continued to culture." I called the RE lab right away and told them I had been told 2 were froze on day 5 and 2 were froze on day 6, but the lady I talked to said she doesn't know what happened the person who left the message must have read the report incorrectly and we only have 2 blastocysts frozen.

I am really upset. I know I am lucky to have 2 blastocysts, but I had been told we had 4, so its devestating to suddenly have half of our potential future children not exist anymore.


  1. I am SO sorry for the mistake that they made in getting your hopes up. That sounds just awful. Thinking of you and hoping that this cycle brings you news of joy in the coming days!!!

  2. I am so sorry, Dee. *hugs*

    Crossing all my fingers for your happy outcome this month!

  3. That is unacceptable, and I encourage you to contact the practice manager about their mistake and poor excuses. Unfortunately, in this journey to have a baby, we have to be our own advocates rather than having the blind faith that we used to have before infertility. Be sure to talk to your doctor as well. They should know their staff, and be willing to offer necessary training for them to properly "read reports" so that this won't happen again. So sorry this happened! Best wishes that all goes well!