Monday, April 15, 2013


I'm 7dp5dt and doing well. I keep on going back and forth on whether I am going to test before my beta. My clinic tests on 10dp5dt so I am scheduled for my blood draw this Thursday morning, and they will call and leave a message with the result. Part of me is really anxious to test at home, because I really want to see a positive - and I want to see that positive right now! We have been waiting so long to see one. But on the other hand I know I would be devestated to see a negative, which has kept me from testing before today because I didn't want to see a negative because I tested too early. I feel like now at 7do5dt if I tested and it was negative, then there would be very little chance of it being positive with my beta.

In the past I always tested alone, with the hopes that I could suprise K with a positive, but I have decided this cycle I really want to find out at the same time as K if we are pregnant or not. I told K I wanted to test at home today with him, but he wants to wait. He thinks nothing good will come of me testing: that if it is positive there is still a chanec the beta will be low, which will devestate me, or if it is negative, I will be devestated, but there is a possibility that me beta could be positive. Plus, he says, I have waited so long already, so waiting 3 extra says for a more definitive answer would be better. I understand where he is coming from, and I really want us to find out together, so at this point I am planning on waiting till my beta (but it still is so hard, when I know that I could test right now and maybe find out I am pregnant). Even though the clinic will call in the morning with the message I will wait till we both get home from work to listen to it. Also, I don't want to find out at work where I won't be able to celebrate or mourn openly.

I am feeling pretty good. Most of the symptoms I have I had before the ET even took place or within the first 2 days after ET, so they are definately attributable to the hormones and progesterone/estrogen. My bloating and abdominal pain is finally gone - thank goodness! But I am still chugging a lot of gatorade just in case.

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