Friday, March 29, 2013

IVF Day 6

I had my test at 9 am this morning so I went to the clinic to get my ultrasound at 7:30 so I would have time to make it to my test. I didn't know what we were expecting to see after 5 days of stims. The US showed 6 follicles in the 8-10 mm range on the right and 3 in the 8-10 mm range on the left. There were 11 smaller than 8 mm on the right and 5 smaller on the left that weren't measured. We went to wait in the consult room (yes, K came with me!) but then the nurse came in and said the Dr. wanted me to get blood drawn. At our original consultation Dr. D had said that my protocol would have no blood draws (they didn't need to measure estradiol), so I immediately became concerned that something must be wrong if he now wanted blood (I even had the thought that they were going to cancel my cycle and got very upset). However, by the time I got the blood drawn it was 8:35 so I had to leave and go to my test. I think my test went well, but I won't know my score for awhile. I then returned to the clinic. I met with Dr. D, who told me my E2 was 131 (which seems low to me compared to some other numbers I've seen) but that he was happy with that level and the US results. He said in someone my age it is a balance between overstimming and understimming.

Dr. D wants to keep my doses the same and have another ultrasound and blood draw on Sunday morning. I am a little concerned that my dosages are so low, but I am trying to trust in my Doctors and their knowledge. I don't know of any other women who have undergone IVF at 24 with a high antral follicle count to compare my dosing to (Or even if I should be comparing my dosage, because it will just cause me to stress more). I know the goal of IVF is to get me 1 healthy baby, but I have this additional hope that it will also give me siblings for my 1 healthy baby. I know I should be focusing on getting my first baby before I think about the siblings, and I would go through IVF more than once if I needed to to get siblings, but I have always wanted a big family - like 5 children big :) IVF is expensive and emotional so I want to get as many babies out of this cycle as I can.

Another thing that threw me off is we discussed how many embryos they will culture. The paperwork we signed today says they want to culture all of them if there are 14 or less or culture 10 and freeze the rest at the pronuclear stage if there are 15 or more. In our original discussion they have used 8 as the cut off. I don't know why it has increased. I wonder if it increased based off of their reccommendations for getting us the healthiest blastocyst or because we agreed to the warantee? I signed the paperwork but I am sort of wondering if I should ask about the number we will culture at our next appointment. But then again I am trying to trust my doctors and worry less. I know I don't know much about IVF, especially compared to my Doctors, but it is hard not to second guess them and worry when I have so much riding on this one cycle.

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