Sunday, March 24, 2013

CD 1 and Treatment Day 1

My type A personality is very pleased that CD1 is also treatment day 1, but presumably that happens for most people doing IVF (at least on my protocol) since they had me stop birth control 3 days before starting injections. I told my husband that if we are lucky this will be my last period of 2013 :) Wouldn't that be nice?

In about 1.5 hours I will give myself my first Follistim injection! I am really excited and feel like this cycle is going to go by really quickly. I downloaded circle and bloom's ivf meditations to my ipod and plan on listening to it everyday. There were 3 to listen to before starting injections that I didn't know about so I need to listen to those really quickly before 7:30 pm.

1 comment:

  1. So exciting! Really hoping you will not have another period till baby!! Let me know how you like the downloads!

    p.s. you should do ICLW next time - its a fun way to 'meet' new blogges