Tuesday, March 26, 2013

IVF Day 3

My second injection went quite a bit better than my first. It didn't seem to hurt as much as the first and I was more comfortable injecting myself. I am actually excited each day to give myself my shot because I know it is bringing me one step closer to my dream of having children. I am feeling very positive and hopeful right now, as I think I should, because it just might help me get pregnant. I just hope the menopur and antagon shots are similar.

Yesterday's headache resolved 2 hours after 2 tylenols, dr pepper, and dark chocolate :) I woke up today without a headache - yay! But I am starting to feel a little one developing. Maybe I should attempt to stop it in its tracks with more chocolate? lol. In other news, I am feels some twinges and fullness in my lower abdomen, which I am guessing is either because 1) I am hyper-aware of my lower abdomen and am probably just noticing normal intestinal movement or 2) I am bloated, possibly from my medications.

Tomorrow I start double injections and only 3 days until my follicle check! I have been visualizing growing a good number of high quality eggs. I hope that there are a lot developing, but mostly that is because I hope we get enough embryos that we can freeze some to create siblings for our baby later.


  1. glad teh shot was better last night! for the tummy ones its al about the anle. 90 degrees does nt hurt. when i first did it to myself i was going like 45 degees and it hurt

    you are gettin one step closr to yoru family every day!

  2. Good for you! Both for the positive attitude and the super-strength to give yourself the shoots. I'll keep positive thoughts going for you :)