Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A birthday wish

It was my birthday yesterday. When K and my sister asked what I wanted for my birthday I told them all I wanted was for my baby to be a healthy and keep growing for 34 more weeks - a very big request I know! Hopefully that birthday wish will be granted, but in the meantime K bought me lovely earings, and my friends gave me thai food, cupcakes, cookies, and a DQ blizzard :)

Our next ultrasound is this Thursday. I am feeling more hopeful due to increased nausea - it is way more intense than it was last pregnancy at this point, which I find reasurring even though I don't feel well. I am hoping that it is a good sign the little one is growing.

In other news I have developed my first reaction to a progesterone injection. I woke up this morning and where K had injected me the night before I had a red, itchy, nodule. Per the advice of my IVF expert friends I have applied cortisone cream and am trying to massage the area. K said that last night oil came out when he pulled out the needle, so I don't know if the oil migrated out of my muscle and into my subcutaneous tissue???


  1. I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday! Best of luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. xo

  2. first of all, happy belated birthday! second of all, glad you are nauseaous! ;-) third of all, I bet you got the reaction because the oil had contact with your skin, usuaully it only has internal contact, and you dont react to that. sounds like it just irritated your skin this time! (which is normal, according to my allergy test)