Friday, October 4, 2013

We're still here

Hi loyal blog followers. Thank you for all of your inquiries as to how I've been doing. I am sorry I have been so absent. I kept wanting to update you, but I've been anxious to post... I kept waiting to feel more confident in my pregnancy, and that has taken a lot of time. That's not to say I haven't been enjoying my pregnancy, it's just that infertility and loss makes early pregnancy very difficult. Even after seeing our little baby twice, I was scared that we might lose him/her.

The good news is everything is going well. We had our first OB appointment at 12 weeks and were able to see our baby again during the ultrasound for the nucal transulency measurement, which baby measured great at. I was honestly very suprised (even though I knew baby would almost certainly be ok because I heard the heartbeat on doppler that day) when the ultrasound started and baby looked like a healthy, human baby.

We enjoyed annoucing to our family and friends shortly after our appointment. It was so exciting to be able to share such happy news with everyone. Then last week we made an announcement on facebook, because we have a lot of extended family and friends that we keep in contact with through facebook (and also to inform my classmates, without me having to tell everyone individually when they look at my growing stomach.)

I will try to do a better job in blogging for the rest of this pregnancy. I am 16 weeks today and have my next OB appointment on Monday. Then at 20 weeks (on Halloween) we have our anatomy scan to check all of baby's organs and hopefully to see if baby is a girl or a boy. I think at that point I will finally be able to breath a bit more easily. Each day is better than the next, and I honestly never thought I would be 16 weeks pregnant.

I still read your blogs everyday. My heart breaks with your loss and waiting, and celebrates with your good news. I am rooting for each and every one of you.


  1. Ah! What adorable ultrasounds.

  2. I have a funny feeling this sweet one is a girl :) I'm just saying!

  3. So glad things are progressing so well!! So happy for you! xo

  4. Glad to see you post and to see that everything is going well!