Monday, August 12, 2013

I've been outed!

Today at least 10 individuals learned of my pregnancy. Here is how it happened: today was the first day of my otho rotation. I've been worried about ortho because I thought the lima bean might lead me to a. pass out in the OR or b. run out vomiting. But alas, neither of these scenarios happened. I joined my team in the OR partway into a case after orientation, so I hadn't met anyone yet or even had the chance to consider discussing my pregnancy in private. I did scope out the OR for any sources of radiation, and everything seemed safe. We were doing a total knee replacement and were getting ready to put in the replacement joint when one of the residents ask, "You aren't pregnant, are you?" Oh... why yes in fact I am. So I turned bright red (I'm sure) and stuttered out "Actually I am." It turns out the cement they use to fix the joints isn't safe for pregnant individuals, so I was kicked out of the OR and set to clinic, where the remaining resident asked me what happened so I had to inform him (and the 2 nurses and 1 other medical student who were also in the room) that I was pregnant. I was able to rejoin the team for the remaining 2 surgeries of the day, and I feel safer in the OR now that everyone knows I'm pregnant so they will let me know if I ever need to leave, but it's not the way I was planning on sharing my exciting news with the first 10 people outside of the few select individuals who already know. The whole thing does make me worried about our scan this Thursday, because if something is wrong I will either have to tell them or continue to let them think I'm pregnant for the next week. But I will try not to worry myself with that! I'm thinking healthy baby, good heartbeat, appropirate growth thoughts.


  1. So much for telling when you feel the time is right, or for deciding what fun announcement you will choose! I have decided it will NOT bring you bad luck and things will continue to go well. Will be crossing my fingers. And hey, not going vasovagal (always my prob) in the OR and not vomiting into your mask are plusses :o)

    Continuing to hope and pray things continue to go well. And also, I wouldn't expect this news to spread that quickly, if that's something you worry about. My mother told 300 medical students and I haven't heard a word in the following eight weeks. So you might have more cover than you think. At least until you have an adorable baby bump (of which you had better post pics when the time comes, Med-School Mama :o)

  2. Hope you're doing well!! Was thinking about you today!! xo