Saturday, June 15, 2013

Freaking out

My previous post seemed very calm and collected but now I am freaking out. I was googling IVF, balanced translocation, and PGD and it really freaked me out. It seems the theoretical 50% unbalanced, 25% normal, 25% balanced ratio is purely theoretical and there can be a lot more abnormal than normal. I found a website where women posted their eggs retrieved, # fertilized, # PGD, # normal, # transferred, and result and the statistics did not look good. The sample size wasn't that large, probably 30 women, but it seemed that a lot ended up with no normal embryos, and although some did end up with 1 or 2, there were very few BFPs.

I know I am jumping ahead here and freaking myself out unnecessarily, since we don't know if K is a carrier or not... but I am really upset. I just want a baby. I'm trying to reassure myself that both his siblings with the translocation have children. I am just terrified of the number of miscarriages it took them to achieve those children. Also, they didn't have any female factor (or male factor in his sister's case)  involved. It has taken us so long just to get pregnant the first time, I don't want to lose any more babies. Ugh. I feel at every step of this journey we keep getting bad news after bad news: I didn't ovulate, then I didn't ovulate on clomid, then K had low sperm counts, then K had 0 morphology and we needed to do IVF,  then we got pregnant just to lose the baby, and now maybe we have a chromosomal factor on top of everything else.

I hope that our 2 frozen embryos are normal and that everything will work out ok. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward with this FET.


  1. Did K's siblings have so many miscarriages because they did't know about the translocation?

    Think of it this way: knowledge is power, so now that you have more knowledge about your bodies, you have more power to transfer healthy embryos, even if it may not (unfortunately) be this cycle. Even though this seems like a step back, K's siblings are proof that you can get pregnant with the translocation.

    I know its scary, you just have to have hope that with the new knowledge that you and your doctors have, they will choose the best embryos that will hopefully turn into a healthy pregnancy. I have my fingers crossed for you and you in my thoughts.

  2. Wow I am so sorry! I know this must be incredibly stressful for you. I am praying that everything turns out okay for you in the end.