Tuesday, February 12, 2013


*Possible TMI warning*

When I went to the bathroom after getting home from work tonight I had a suprise waiting for me. It seems I am bleeding on only CD17. I totally wasn't expecting a period at this point. I wiped and was like "hmm is that blood?!" I had already thrown my work clothes on the floor and was going to put on pjs, so I picked those back up and looked and apparently I had bleed through my underwear and even through my pants, which luckily were only scrubs. I am thinking quantity wise that it is enough to count as CD1, but it was more dark, old blood and I didn't see any bright red blood... I am supposed to take my antibiotics and begin my pre-IVF birth control when I get my period this month (which wasn't supposed to be for 2 more weeks!). So I am unsure if I should go ahead and take all of that tonight. I might wait till the morning, when I can call the clinic and see how the bleeding progresses... which if it does I am thrown off but totally happy if it means we can move forward with IVF quicker!


  1. How crazy! *Hopefully* its an early period and you can start IVF soon. That would be SUCH a blessing!! Who knew that you'd actually be excited for a period. Hahaha!!

  2. Wow that is so weird. What did the clinic say?