Saturday, January 26, 2013

SA results

So... We just a letter in the mail regarding K's most recent SA. His count was increased (20 million/mL, 50 million total) but percent motile was down (18%, 9 million total motile sperm). This time they checked morphology, because for some reason they hadn't checked morphology for either of the other 2 SAs that he has done (They pointed out that we did pay for them to check morphology when we did the IUI in November, and they charged us for it, but "for some reason didn't perform it" hmmm). The letters from our hospital with lab results are always formatted poorly so I am trying to look for an actual normal morphology percentage and I can't find one. The morphology section (Tygerburg criteria) is broken down into:

strictly normal HS (0),
acrosome defect (1),
moderately amorphous (19),
severely amorphous (71),
abnormal head size (0),
pyriform defect (7.5),
borderline head shape (1.5),
and other defect (0).

All those number do add up to 100, so perhaps they are percentages... which means we have 0% normal sperm?? I am glad we only did 1 IUI if that is the case. Although I wish they would have checked this earlier so we didn't waste a whole year trying to get me to ovulate, when K's sperm are such that they probably can't naturally fertilize any egg I would produce. I assume this means we will do ICSI with our IVf. I only wonder/hope if the results are so bad that we won't be able to use his sperm? Time to begin googling...

Do you girls think I should contact HR or my Dr and complain about the whole morphology issue? Since I saw we were charged for it in November and the packet said they check morphology for all IUIs, I assumed they checked morphology then and as the clinic generally says "No news is good news." I assumed morphology had been checked and was ok. If we knew we had 0% morphology in November we could have start IVF several months ago... ugh! As K said "So everything we have done so far had no chance of working?" It seems we have wasted a year with a lot of ups and downs, hope and despair, for naught. And although some of it was unavoidable we could have avoided the hope and despair of November, December, and January if they had completed what they were supposed to do. As it is I have only found out about this in the letter. The doctor called and told K his count/motility % and never mentioned the morphology. On top of it all, I just checked the bill, and I think they charged us for morphology again, even though it was supposed to not be charged since we already paid for it in November.

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