Monday, April 27, 2015

FET #2 and on to CCRM

I keep trying to write this post, but then can't, because it's too discouraging. But finally the pain from the BFN it starting to subside, at least temporarily (before it likely roars its ugly head again,) and now that I'm filling out all the paperwork for our next consult, I know it is so helpful to have all my IVF information on here. So here is what happened with the FET:

March 8th - last day of bcps (had been on for 2 months prior)
March 11th - started period
March 13th - baseline ultrasound - lining thin, no cysts, start estradiol 2 mg tid
March 14th - 20th - awesome vacation with my husband, sister, and brother in law. Do develop hives on March 16, likely secondary to wet suits from scuba diving and start Claritin.
March 23rd - bloodwork estrogen 260
March 24th - hives gone, stop Claritin
March 26th - bloodwork estrogen 374, lining 8.5 mm but not trilaminar throughout. Start Viagra suppositories tid.
April 2nd - lining 9.5 and trilaminar. Start PIO 1 mL at 11 am.
April 7th - Lining looks great, transfer goes smoothly. However, counseled that our genetically normal embryo was rated as poor prior to freezing and is still only rated as poor now.
April 13th - 6dp6dt HPT negative, call CCRM to schedule consult
April 17th - 10dp6dt beta negative.

Today we had our consult with CCRM. We talked with Dr. S, but the less famous Dr. S at CCRM. He was very friendly and positive. He wants to investigate a few things before moving forward (me getting a karyotype and checking K's sperm fragmentation) but he thinks with the right protocol (undecided at this point) and their awesome lab, we have a good chance. He said it would be very unlikely for someone my age to have no normal eggs, but he also thinks something else might be going on with K, since he does not think the translocation is the source of his 0% morphology. We are planning to go out to CCRM in early June. Maybe if we are lucky we can do our day 3 labs that same cycle... I'm not sure if that is possible before I've been seen in person. In the meantime my RE here can order my karyotype.

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  1. I'm so sorry about your FET cycle. Sounds like you've got a good plan in the works, and I certainly can confirm that CCRM knows there stuff. Best of luck with your ODWU and no doubt Dr. S will come up with the perfect protocol.