Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Round 2

So I know I am a horrible blogger and disappeared for the last year. Things with my pregnancy went well other than horrible nausea till ~26 weeks (However, Zofran helped sooo much). At 36 weeks and 5 days I gave birth to my perfect little boy, who is no longer very little anymore. He had to stay in the hospital 1 week due to an infection, but has been very healthy since then.

I finished medical school and we ended up moving for my residency. We will be in our current location for 1 year and then a different location for 3 years. I looked ahead to where we move next and realized there are no IVF clinics nearby, so we are in the process of starting IVF again. We met with the local clinic and told them about K's brother's translocation. They ran genetic testing on him and discovered that he carries the same translocation, which we both sort of expected given his low sperm morphology and counts. So we are going to do PGS.

I go in tomorrow for my baseline ultrasound, and if everything looks good I will start injections tomorrow. All the meds are lined up on my kitchen table and in the fridge. My new doctors are planning on being more aggressive than last time since we will not do a transfer right away, which will decrease my chances of ovarian hyperstimulation as there will be no beta-hcg, and because we need more eggs to have more blastocysts to test with PGS. Once they retrieve the eggs we will do ICSI and PGS on the day 5 blastocysts. They send a few cells to a lab out of state and freeze the day 5 blasts. Once we know our results, we will plan when to do the FET.

I still read all the blogs I used to read - almost everyday. I'm impressed with those who have kept up their blogging. I'll try to be better this time :)

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  1. Nice to see you back! Your baby is beautiful. Best of luck with round #2!